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Sinbulsan Falls Recreational Forest is located at the foot of Sinbulsan Mountain noted for the Yeongnam Alps and the beautiful surrounding valleys. The particularly famous forest attractions are its valleys and waterfalls. The Paraso Falls are a picturesque series of cascading falls. Telephone +82-52-254-2123~4


The Yeongnam Alps are a group of relatively tall mountains in the Yeongnam region of southeastern South Korea. They are much shorter than the European Alps, only slightly over 1000 m.


Yeomposan is a mountain located in Buk-gu, Ulsan, South Korea. It has an elevation of 203 m.


Ganwoljae is carpeted with more than 82 acres of silver grass that … in varying regions of the Gyeongsangnam-do including Miryang and Ulsan.


Daewangam daewangam park is home to the fastest-rising sun with Ulju Ganjeolgot in the country. There is a forest trails blends shades of cherry, camellia, forsythia, magnolia. Next to the park with a neat space up to 28 square stretches the sands of the Ilsan Beach