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Taehwagang River

Taehwagang River (태화강)

AddressSinjeong1-dong, Nam-gu, Ulsan-si
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(Korean, English, Chinese, Japanese)

Taehwagang River cuts across Ulsan City from the east to west and originates in the valley between Ssalbawi of Gijisan Mountain and Tapgolsaem of Baekunsan Mountain. The 47.54km river passes through downtown Ulsan and empties out into Ulsan Bay, which is connected to the East Sea. Not just a symbol of pride for the people of Ulsan, the river has long since been a precious commodity that has played a pivotal role in Ulsan town culture and history. The Tadhwa River is home to ‘Sipridaebatgyo’ and the ‘Taewha River Observatory.’ Sipridaebatgyo is one of the bridges spanning the river and symbolizes the whale and white heron (symbols of Ulsan). Taewha River Observatory, on the other hand, gives visitors a chance to explore the ecology of the river and watch the area’s migratory birds.

There are several convenient facilities near the river such as the bamboo forest park, grassy fields, a pampas grass colony, trails, and exercise facilities. The riverside area is a famous habitat for migratory birds and is a popular leisure spot for Ulsan citizens. Located near the riverhead is Gaji Mountain; the city park near the mountain is another recreational region and is dotted with cultural assets.